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Price: $19.95
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A nation founded on religious tolerance no longer tolerates its founders’ religion

By William J. Federer

Do these headlines sound familiar:  Ten Commandments taken down “Under God” removed from the Pledge, Prayer prohibited, Nativity Scenes banned, Salvation Army defunded, Boy Scout sued, Christmas Carols stopped, and Bible called ‘hate speech…..”?

Discover how tolerance evolved in America:
From Pilgrims to Puritans …
To Protestants to Catholics… 
To Liberal Christians to Jews… 
To Monotheists to Polytheists…
To All Religions to Atheists… 
To only Politically Correct! 

The last one in the boat have kicked the first ones out!

How did freedom backfire from Pilgrim founders seeking refuge for their Judeo-Christian beliefs to America’s growing intolerance of those same beliefs?


Item# B3617

$19.95 plus S&H

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