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Pike's Peak Prophecy Summit 2016

Pike's Peak Prophecy Summit 2016
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Price: $149.95
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Volume 1
Disc 1 - Dr. Kevin Clarkson – Opening Session
Bill Salus – the Now Prophecies of the Middle East
Disc2 - Billy Crone – The Attack of the Drones
Disc 3 - Don Perkins – End Time Deception in the World Today
Anthony Patch – The Electric Model of the Universe: Einstein + Tesla = Patch
Disc 4 - Tommy Ice – The Importance of the New Testament Mysteries
Chuck Missler/Doug Woodward – Encroaching Darkness
Disc 5 - Earl Cox – How Christian Silence, Apathy, and Complacency are Again Leading to the Rise of Anti-Semitism
Doug Stauffer – How the Antichrist Will Impersonate Jesus Christ

Volume 2
Disc 1 - Jeff Swanson - God’s Glorious Countdown to the Kingdom (Part 2)
Joe Schimmel – Pop Music, Hollywood, and the Last Days
Disc 2 - Doug Woodward – The Next Great War in the Middle East
Lyn Leahz – The End Times Church and Two of Satan’s Biggest Weapons Destroying the Body Today
Disc 3 - Doc Marquis – There Were Giants in the Earth (Part 1)
Dan Goodwin – When Time Shall Be No More
Disc 4 - Dr. Kevin Clarkson – What to Do While We Wait: Pro-Active Christianity
David Sielaff – Temple Symbolism in Genesis
Disc 5 - Dan Goodwin – The Barley Harvest & Prophecy

Volume 3
Disc 1 - Daniel Williams – Jerusalem, the Final Countdown
Paul McGuire – Prophecy; The Future of America 2016-2017
Disc 2 - Doc Marquis – The Were Giants in the Earth (Part 2)
Bill Salus – The Now Prophecies for America
Disc 3 - Bob Cornuke – Where Is the Real Golgotha?
Don Perkins – Bible Prophecy, God’s Order of Events
Disc 4 - Anthony Patch – CERN: The Real Story
Bill Federer – Rise of the Tyrant
Disc 5 - Tommy Ice – The Campaign of Armageddon
Billy Crone – Is Obama a Muslim?

Volume 4
Disc 1 - Brent Miller, Sr. – The Great Apostasy Has Started
Bill Federer – Is America Being Set Up for an “Arab Spring” Before Next Election?
Disc 2 - Bob Cornuke – The Correct Temple Location
Jeff Swanson – Are You and Your Loved Ones Rapture Ready?
Disc 3 - Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – The Great Rapture Debate (Session 1)
Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – The History of Pre-Trib/Post-Trib Position (Session 2)
Disc 4 - Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – Witness of the Gospels (Session 3)
Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – Revelation & Daniel (Session 4)
Disc 5 - Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – The Epistles  (Session 5)
Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – Q & A  (Session 6)

Volume 5
Disc 1 - Doug Stauffer/Joe Schimmel – Final: Preparing the Church (Session 7)
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – Closing Session
Disc2 - Tommy Ice – The History of the Rapture
Disc 3 - Don Perkins – Rapture of the Church
Lyn Leahz interviews – Bill Federer (Parts 1 & 2)
Disc 4 - Doc Marquis – Illuminati God’s at the Olympic Games (Part 2)
Doug Woodward interviews – Ben Baruch
Disc 5 - Lyn Leahz interviews - Daniel Williams, Earl Cox, Anthony Patch
Doug Woodward interviews – Gonzo Shimura

Item# PK3611

 $149.95 plus S&H

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