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Revelation: A Chronology

Revelation: A Chronology
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Revelation: A Chronology

by Jimmy DeYoung 

The book of Revelation is God's final word to man and the timeline of the last days as revealed to Christians. This symbolism-filled example of apocalyptic literature can be difficult to understand, especially when reading it from beginning to end. In Revelation: A Chronology, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung takes a walk through this prophetic book in the order that these events will take place, chronologically, sharing insights into its true meaning and doing so in an easy-to-understand and practical way. 

Jimmy DeYoung has studied the prophetic Scriptures for the last 40 years, which has allowed him to write this excellent commentary on the most mysterious of all the books of the Bible. From the message to the seven churches, to the Rapture of the Church, then on to the horrific judgments on an unbelieving world, DeYoung provides his own personal commentary on John's vision of the future. Whether you're a new Christian looking for a clear explanation of these events, or a mature student of eschatology, you will enjoy his advanced knowledge of God's plan for the future.

Product ID # B3106


199 pages 

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