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Black Sun, Blood Moon

Black Sun, Blood Moon
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Black Sun, Blood Moon

by S. Douglas Woodward

Many of today's best selling authors speak of hope based on mystical promises from ancient books of wisdom. Some predict help is coming from beyond the stars. Too many express an unfounded conviction that hope lies within ourselves, or that higher consciousness  is the answer. For those who believe in the power of science, fear grows that technological solutions may cause as many problems as they solve. 

Christians who believe in the authority of the Bible see prophetic events happening and are reminded that Jesus taught his followers to "Watch!" When you see all of these signs coming to pass, then look up for your redemption draweth nigh." Jesus promised that those who trust in Him will be supernaturally removed from the Earth before the worst happens. But for now, how do we weather the storm? S. Douglas Woodward, author of "Are We Living in the Last Days?" and Decoding Doomsday, speaks to the challenges of living in these troubled times; finding hope despite the despair; sharing lessons learned from personal experience; and fresh insights based on 40+ years of Bible study. Learn what the Bible predicts and gain inspiration to live in these most challenging of times! 

Product ID# B3109


212 pages (Paperback)  

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