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The Masada Mystery

The Masada Mystery
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Price: $14.95
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The Masada Mystery

by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn builds upon the runaway success of The Harbinger with another blockbuster, The Masada Mystery. High above Israel near the Dead Sea sits the fortress of Masada, the site of what some call, Israel’s last stand. 960 men, women and children chose suicide over Roman enslavement, an act that must have shocked their enemies. There’s a prophecy in this collective act of desperation, detailed in the writings of Josephus. Jonathan Cahn examines this national tragedy, then reveals the shocking scroll fragments that were found hidden away on Masada and discovered after almost 2,000 years. Yes, the Masada scrolls chronicle the eventual rebirth of Israel as a nation! This is a great story, sure to bless your life and strengthen your faith in Bible prophecy. What an important history lesson for Israel as they will soon face another Masada moment. You are going to love this visual tour of Masada, a place that holds painful memories for the Jewish people, but yet tells the story of their rebirth as a nation and their painful but bright future. 

Product ID# DVD781



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