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The Jonathan Cahn DVD 3-pack

The Jonathan Cahn DVD 3-pack
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Price: $42.95
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The Jonathan Cahn DVD 3-Pack

by Jonathan Cahn and WND Films

Jonathan Cahn was a busy man long before The Harbinger exploded onto the scene. This Messianic pastor began producing deep Hebraic Bible studies at his church in New Jersey many years ago and his new found popularity now has all of these fascinating studies coming to the world's attention. He has a new series of DVDs we're calling The Jonathan Cahn DVD Package. We've offered The Masada Mystery for awhile, but recently added two new DVD studies, The Sanhedrin Secret, an incredible look into the resurrection of the Messiah, discovered on a tablet in Nazareth and hidden by the Sanhedrin! The third in the series is The Hanukkah End-Time Mystery, a 50-minute DVD that takes a deep look into the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and celebrates it's prophetic significance. As with most of Jonathan's work, it's a real eye-opener for most Christians. Buy all three DVDs and save.

Product ID# PK3312

3 DVDs

1. The Masada Mystery $14.95

2. The Sanhedrin Secret $14.95

3. The Hanukkah Endtimes Mystery $14.95

Discounted price—$42.95 for all 3 DVDs

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